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tv   Shadow War In The Sahara  Al Jazeera  October 18, 2017 9:00am-10:01am AST

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time with you part two the time we finish we're scared to the fisherman dicing with death. i'm afraid of falling i'm afraid of dying but if i don't go i come from my family to meet the men who go to the extreme just to make your living. you have to be a stronger swimmer otherwise it's safe and risking it all vietnam at this time on al-jazeera . and michelle kerry in doha these are the top stories on al-jazeera presenters and paying says china must cooperate with other nations to ensure the survival of mankind as comments on climate change came during a three an app hour long speech at the ruling communist parties in one thousand congress in beijing the closed door summit which takes place only once every five
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years to terminate her roles china and the direction the country should take she also said the fight against corruption remains a top priority. power. corruption is the biggest threat faced by our party we can only get out of the historical cycle and ensure the long term stability of our party and our country if we persevered in the continuous fight against corruption to ensure that our government its officials and policies are clean adrian brown has more from beijing. well president xi jinping spoke for incredible three and a half hours which proves if little else he's in good health healthy enough to perhaps rule china for the next fifteen twenty years even president xi jinping outlined a number of important issues during his address he said that china remains committed to fighting climate change you also warned against independence for taiwan and on the economy rarely he warned that china face severe challenges in the years ahead
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he also said that socialism with chinese characteristics the formula that has underpinned china's economy for the last three decades was now entering a new stage he also warned that the campaign against corruption would continue that corruption has so far purged more than one point four million party members the party really has been through a very tumultuous time in the past few years and the r.p. evil is by no means over but on wednesday we got a picture of choreographed unity this congress of course is all about president xi jinping and the fact that he could emerge even stronger the party has been told that an important amendment will be made to the constitution which could possibly mean to the thoughts and writings of xi jinping will become the party's guiding ideology in the future now we should know if that's going to happen next week when the party congress closes on wednesday and that's when the new leadership will also
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be unveiled but if she jingping gets his way he will emerge as the strongest leader china has. since chairman mao who led the communists to power sixty eight years ago amnesty international is calling on the international community to take action to stop what it calls crimes against humanity and man maher and in a report the group says were henge a minority are feeling a targeted campaign of widespread and systematic murder rape and burning carried out by security forces and rakhine state. u.s. backed opposition forces have driven eisel from rocka it's the self declared capital in syria hardest left syrian democratic forces raised their flag in the city stadium after a four month long battle. seven people have been killed in an explosion in pakistan at least six police officers and one civilian died in the city of port to several more were injured it's believed the truck they were travelling in was targeted
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rescue operations continue in somalia's capital for those still missing after the worst bomb attack and that country's history more than three hundred people were killed in saturday's attack there been no official claim of responsibility for the blast somali president mohamed up to ali from has fought for her however is not in doubt that it's the work of al-shabaab fighters. i thought they would claim but maybe they fear that the. responsibility to be claimed but this is their fingerprint this is what they have done kenya's top election official has resigned saying next week's rerun of the presidential vote will not be credible rosena come they warn that the commission is in its current state is cannot guarantee a credible election she also said staff are facing intimidation and threats who can jada's victory in august sparked regular opposition protests the country's supreme court has ordered a rerun saying the vote has been compromised or so the headline news continues
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after shadow war in the sahara keep it here. you're with. you're. with the and. january two thousand and thirteen four thousand french soldiers deployed in mali. their mission to stop separatists rebels advancing on the capital bamako. but operation survival is different from the long series of interventions by france and its former african colonies. today the french are not the only ones with interests in the region they have to deal with
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a new place china and now the united states. africa is now a key territory on the global chessboard of the twenty first century. from libya to the central african republic from south sudan to northern mali conflict and chaos has spread throughout the continent. at the heart of this turmoil a strategic territory the cyan the vast region that straddles the sarra to the north and the savannahs in the south has become an important new front in the so-called war against terrorism. but is the official narrative the fight against terrorism masking a larger battle. the resources are plentiful
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bad there's castors oil there's cold hand gold cop. and i and the list goes on and on and on to. tell you it actually market is going to i play it a new scramble for africa is that your new book after you left. the resource wars of the twenty first century have already begun. at the center of today's troubled region of the sine han is the nation of mali
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among the poorest in the world unemployment is rampant and most people survive hand to mouth. yet in the thirteenth century the mali impiety extended over much of west africa and was extraordinarily wealthy and powerful so ivory and gold made it a major crossroad for global trade of the time but inevitably these riches would lead to conquests.
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it's. the imperial european powers and veiled their plans to colonize and the rest of africa. conference. britain. spain. and france. the french colonial empire extended over much of western and northern africa provided the raw materials like the oil from algeria necessary for the and military rise of post.
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september thirteenth one thousand nine hundred sixty. you know to start with a piece or think there is a kind of false theory so for some purpose of course it is security that's all you need to know so more first person deserves to be there with see bosses or to. laugh fake or nuclear this is. also order of peace also. but the winds of freedom were blowing across africa and france was to lose all its colonies
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. the independence of algeria west particularly painful in part because of its strategic oil reserves after eight years of bloody fighting the french were forced to withdraw. both of you because of course the save your your leisure very so widespread who or what are forced to go afraid. you're a guy who is a bit taller face of xi'an of party. but the euphoria of independence was short lived and masked i knew reality france retained troops bases and political influence over its former colonies the policy. was. there was is there much they gave. their economy.
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by pistol. bought a shop at a falls and also most of them have all this on a path to marty to piss off all applause security so is it possible good fellowship that our poor ironic or car sales up and up going to get a fast it evolved out of africa day for they don't see don't notice it as your own . but france's absolute dominance did not last in the sixties the discovery of huge oil reserves in the gulf of guinea attracted. a new play at. the united states. over the value of that idea of what i'll say i. sort of got it off it got. darker today or government study or every drug they ever will it is always good for starters little of it to be caught up all. of. the united states made military as well as economic investments on the african continent africa became
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a battleground in the cold war. to counter soviet interests the american secretly supported andro belly and an ethiopian and i'm going. after the collapse of the soviet union the united states was the only superpower in the world. in one thousand nine hundred ninety two under the auspices of the united nations it launched a so-called humanitarian intervention in the city to court of africa. the us sent twenty eight thousand soldiers to somalia to help put an end to a civil war. that. the operation ended in disaster two years later after american soldiers were captured and killed images of their mutilated bodies broadcast around the while.
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for the us it was a humiliating loss and they decided to withdraw. after somalia i knew threats in my africa. in one thousand nine hundred attacks against two u.s. embassies raised the alarm in washington. massive car bombs in kenya and. caused the death of over two hundred people and left thousands injured. a group called our kind it claimed responsibility for. its leader the little known osama bin laden became public enemy number. and hard to track him down.
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the attack on the world trade center reconfigured the geopolitics of the world the united states launched a war in afghanistan a war that would soon spread far beyond it was a post nine eleven the threat of terrorism is very real to the american public and from from a policy standpoint we are looking for specifically at the threat wherever it me may show up. a few months after september eleventh the u.s. military returned to the horn of africa with plans to stamp. their stablished their first military base in djibouti at camp. a former french foreign legion fort. directed counterterrorism efforts in africa for the u.s. department of defense. the same help played a key role and and looking at. the movement of weapons the movement of potential
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foreign fighters are organized crime during that time period you also had an influx of cocaine flowing in through the south so all of this was was of primary interest and it in a continued to grow. a series of maps in two thousand and two marking off this whole part of africa as a terrorist corridor corridor of terrorism and of course the official narrative from the. why is that these terrorists that come from afghanistan they've been driven out by american forces you know they went that time was they've crossed through bin laden country i.e. sudan they're linking up with terrorists in north africa they've come through this sort of belts this but on a shaky area. jeremy keenan a british professor and author has spent. the
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military engagement of the united states in the region. they had been in america probably something much more important at the time the nine eleven that was the publication of the scene that's known generally has the cheney report the cheney report i think was the first executive order that president bush gave when he came into power which was to look at the crisis of the energy sector in the states in one thousand nine hundred seven imports of energy oil that's part of the fifty percent level that was psychologically sort of crisis level. in a report focused on future american spies all oil and of course focused on africa has becoming the most important supplier of good quality oil that would fit in our internal structure system. you know even more important the gulf certainly and
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africa but comes of critical importance true if you like that little class is in washington. strategic interests is a side to the north algeria and libya the largest oil reserves in africa and to the south those of the gulf of guinea. the vast untapped petroleum deposits in the sari itself where another temptation. in two thousand and three a dramatic kidnapping pave the way for the rival of the u.s. military. wanted to. cement. this was the first acts against foreigners in the sahara. a huge manhunt was launched for five months to kidnappers evaded capture in the end after
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a ransom was paid by the german government the tourists were released. four days later the report is based in algeria received a fax a veteran of the algerian army patta a paratrooper claimed responsibility for the kidnappings. the so-called terrorists background was leaked by algerian intelligence officials such unsubstantiated evidence was all the bush administration needed to label. osama bin laden's man in the sahara. certainly we have. officially speaking. the extension if you like of al qaeda right into this part of africa. and that is what legitimized for america launching a new front in the war on terror in africa there was a big manhunt for the leader the the head kidnapper of the result part in order to
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to nab him because he was running around with approximately five million euros and may be a potential threat in the future so there was some thinking. on the department of defense side we came up with a program called p.s.i.i. the pants alan initiative and in the pan so how initiative basically was to work with countries in the south like mali like. like chad mauretania in order to give them some of the basic stuff communication equipment where they can talk to each other across the border. just simple stuff to where they can help us find. help are off and a power i was eventually captured with the help of the united states. the u.s. armed forces now had a foothold in the south and they are. why don't we take this little thing called p.s.i.i.
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and make it a little bit more robust where we start taking countries from within the region sally and region and became a trance a hell counterterrorism program and try to get them all to work on something that we all care about which is counterterrorism so will do training and equipping and all in this training and equipping then we come together bring those countries to do a live exercise. and so we bring all these countries together we do this live exercise we flex our muscles in the region because send a message to the bad guys saying don't mess around ever. but he's working together in concert to make sure that you guys are around so everybody in the pentagon said well this was a success story of you know how can we make this even better. deterring and defeating transnational threats preventing future conflicts supporting
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humanitarian disaster relief efforts and protecting u.s. security interests. that's the mission of u.s. africa command. they decided that maybe they needed a separate command headquarters that would focus exclusively on africa and so the bush administration under donald rumsfeld was running the pentagon at the time decided to to do that set up a separate command just for africa. the united states is the only country to have divided the world into separate military sectors to monitor and patrol these are north com haqqani south can you calm centcom and now africa. under the stated goals of fighting terrorism and providing humanitarian assistance afrikan implanted itself on the continent conducting military exercises with
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a growing number of african countries. but was this the only reason for africa for possibly a guide i saw it but i don't hold any thought that the oil is there is out there i mean sort of course you know you set up a variable's up from utah is a notorious list therefore so who are some of the p.r.c. daughter or. security i don't know is also going to make sure that i don't they are me arrested because all the screwed up by donald downs of all. that she. had for me. established itself as a counterweight to french and american interests on the continent. in the first decade of the twenty first century china had overtaken the rest of the world to become africa's not just trading on.
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this new us side is also called snowball if you don't want to tip is so sexy don't doubt it about the creative force a thought under the need to do so was a fake gun or designed for it he fulfilled his effects or for a democracy. you have a really close system also to either do a thing you don't issue us oil is or use a fake i normally don't bother to so also just buy the was a failure bt they day took over doing to the wrong board these are said autos it could be i design you did it that is all busted otherwise then you opened a new veil we don't. in dharma to see all. the don't is often a fool trail discomfited for said is of sid auto if so then you don't want it because it got good deals of days like say i took a my job when you have cut those. in this two thousand and ten us state department
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cable made public by wiki leaks the u.s. assistant secretary of state const china a very aggressive and pronation economic competitor with no more. automated the aim of the united states and africa is to a designer mechanisms where access to resources that are strategic that are absolutely essential to several key industries in the united states as well as access to petroleum are secured that it also provides a counterweight to china china is also in somewhat of a race to acquire as many minerals and. petroleum and other natural resources that it means for its industries the united states though it may no longer be a major manufacturing power its military industries are heavily dependent on minerals that can be only sourced in africa. the establishment of africa calm
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was key for the consolidation of u.s. interests in africa but when the pentagon wanted to set up its headquarters on the continent things did not go as planned. i. see peak oil money the problem sic. in. this opposition forces us to set up the command of africa thousands of miles away in stuttgart germany. african resistance to africa calm was spearheaded by a figure who had emerged as a major economic and political force on the continent and had been a thorn in the side of the west for decades from the beginning of his political
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career as a leader moammar gadhafi was opposed to a foreign military presence in africa one of the first things he better after coming to power in one thousand sixteen i was to expel the british and u.s. military bases and libya itself. and gadhafi had you know considerable political support across the continent for his position nelson mandela's view was almost identical to get us a sense that there would be no african forces commanded by foreign military officials and there would be no foreign militaries occupying any part of africa are operating with that offer. gadhafi had been playing a complex game with the west for a long time president ronald reagan had labeled him the mad dog of the middle east and had tried to assassinate him in one thousand nine hundred eighty six by bombing his palace. the libyan leader is independence and
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influence flowed from the vast petroleum reserves the largest enough record which he had nationalized when he took power. well starting in the one nine hundred ninety s. moammar gadhafi became a kind of luminary a leading voice certainly one of the loudest voices for a maximum version of african integration he was seen across africa as being the successor of kwame nkrumah in terms of his vision of african unity and it wasn't just a matter of my sounding more it's gadhafi was eager to not only accelerate the process of african integration but of bankrolling the process. from the shawnees of the red sea storage of clean water is
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a global problem and home management is a major cause but in georgia this team of change that to the pics of the himalayas where water conservation looks like this. solution is to save the world's most precious resource and the next episode of rise we look at what is being done to step towards crisis. at this time of al-jazeera one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else working for us as you know it's very challenging liberally but the care because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are the people we live to tell the real story i'll just mend it is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audiences across the globe. she was a society hostess in beirut in the 1940's she was in touch with
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a lot of people from the lebanese the request to make this work. was the power and she spied for mossad in lebanon or for. what she was doing it was something brave as a woman algis you know well to house a story of. the baby. at this time. i'm richelle carey and these are the top stories on al-jazeera president xi jinping says china must cooperate with other nations to ensure the survival of mankind as comments on climate change came during a three and a half hour long speech at the ruling communist party's nineteenth congress in beijing he also said his country's fight against corruption i mean is the top
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priority. corruption is the biggest threat faced by a party we can only get out of the historical cycle and ensure the long term stability of apology and a country if we persevered in the continuous fight against corruption to ensure that our government its officials and policies are clean and misty international is calling on the international community to take action to stop what it calls crimes against humanity and man maher and in a report the group says were henge a minority are fleeing a target a campaign of widespread and systematic murder rape and burning carried out by security forces and rakhine state. us back opposition forces have driven from rocka itself declared capital in syria kurdish led syrians and the craddock forces raised their flag in the city's stadium after a four month battle. we're getting reports about an explosion and pakistan at least six officers were thought to have been killed in the city of quite to several more
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injured it's believed the truck they were travelling in was targeted to rescue operations continue in somalia's capital for those missing after the worst mom attack in the country's history more than three hundred people were killed in saturday's attack there have been no claims of responsibility for the blast. a u.s. judge has blocked president total trump's latest bid to impose restrictions on citizens from several countries entering the united states the restrictions which would have taken effect this week target people from iran libya syria yemen somalia chad and north korea legal experts expect a final ruling will ultimately go before the u.s. supreme court. kenya's top election commissioner has resigned saying next week's rerun of the presidential vote will not be credible on a calm day warn that the commission in its current state cannot guarantee a credible election. victory in august sparked regular opposition protests. i
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saw the headlines news continue on al-jazeera after shadow war and the sahara keep it or. the money from libyan oil allowed gadhafi to underwrite ambitious projects. three hundred million dollars for the first pan-african satellite. thirty billion dollars in the largest irrigation system in the world that draws on the vast reserves of fresh water under the to turn tens of thousands of hectares of libyan desert into farm that. gadhafi wanted to demonstrate that africa could develop without depending on the western banking system or the international monetary fund libya to the tune of tens of billions of dollars in each case was capitalizing a number of new african economic institutions of the african development bank the
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african monetary fund africa would then develop its own solutions and develop its own lending programs to address its own problems so africa was in good duffy's view . with gadhafi leadership increasingly becoming something of a blog. rather than a series of disparate individual nations that could be dealt with one on one and set against each other. when gadhafi was elected chairman of the african union in two thousand and nine u.s. officials quite concerned in an embassy cable revealed by wiki leaks they noted that libya would seek to use his chairmanship to aggrandise him and promote his united states of africa proposal. u.s. multinationals were also unhappy with the libyan leader especially his decision to cancel it one billion dollars deal with the bechtel corporation the largest
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engineering company in the us with powerful connections in washington. the fact that an operator with bechtel's connections and deep pockets was ultimately unable to secure its contract serves as a caution airy tale for the many u.s. and western companies seeking to enter libya's booming market and for other u.s. companies considering major investment projects here. gadhafi also antagonize france after being courted by president nicolas sarkozy the libyan leader canceled major arms dealers. cut of. their live in shopping list of so more.
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you know you do. shows us the. in march two thousand and eleven as yob spring spread through north africa france and the united states decided to. the united nations security council gave its approval protecting human rights provided the justifications. for syrian. so. you couldn't get if you're going to put up a p.s.u. on the benghazi we had gadhafi his troops in neighboring. allowing the opposition to drive them out. we hit it off these air defenses this was afrikaans first war and it's commander in chief was the first african-american president in the words
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of the obama administration the u.s. position in the war against libya was that of leading from behind what is really interesting is of course the fact that the war was opened and directed first by africa and then the mission was taken over by nato. and other with people running the show me told are themselves being run by the united states which is formally in command of nato not only that in one of his speeches obama after the bombing campaign had ceased and was praising the efforts of allies in libya revealed that even a number of french bombing missions were in fact piloted by american it's. the intervention of libya is also a way of send a message the other african nation states that should they pursue
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a course of such radical defiance radical independence such a nationalist an anti imperialist course that there could be ultimate consequences that are no longer hypothetical. gadhafi is gone so a major obstacle in the way of american military penetration of africa as in fact we. came we saw he died and look at. the the fall of gadhafi produce a shockwave that would be found far beyond libya. unfortunately there was not a very good handle on the forty thousand plus weapons that can duffy had and so
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quickly we find out that. over thirty five thousand of those weapons just atomized they just disappeared and so we discovered that some of those weapons made a made it into northern mali the southern algeria other in southern libya there are other everywhere. some of those weapons fell into the hands of the libyan rebels others including anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles fell into the hands of torak fighters who fought alongside gadhafi because he supported their demands for autonomy in the samarra. yet to you and your daughter is a letter to a law about it difficult to cause you to. commute a kiss or don't know about this also quite. by the. charter is a very. you know more citizens of the zone green zone than all the war will agree
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on the border go i'm also told it is war. who are product of the pride are you also the great get a feel for greater than fifty feet of water or by the i enjoyed the story that i saw tish's over the case or could i could you because as well know that we know the man who called the daughter the decision you can sit out or is usually. the heavily armed formed a new fighting force and mentally and launch an offensive against the government in bamako in january two thousand and twelve their long held dream of creating a wide and independent toric homeland that would stretch across the sahara finally seemed within reach. but the two our eggs were not the only fighters in the desert small armed groups which had emerge
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a decade earlier were now where armed forces to be reckoned. with acme. and and sardine say they were fighting a holy war and what we could thing among the local population. islamists to. be full of the police to keep the law is often result although not remotely rather think it is. not the military screw. around you have a group of. doctors are long over. but the islam preached fridays on troops was nothing like the islam practice in this region for centuries.
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and manage to live as a practical. question if you're going to spend it if you're going to. thank. you so incisional some. morons on the. tool edition of the sharia it is also militant of syria kill want is not really a combatant it certainly isn't if you are to be an. indigent the departed. putting aside their ideological differences the two are exam the armed groups forged an alliance of convenience. criminon arche them point i mean you really could put a mobile. i said. that
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i don't go to them but we'll take. it as a demo i know the circumstances. or. united the rebel forces launched an offensive against mali and soldiers in several garrison towns in the know. these million troops had completed years of training by africa. but the training didn't pay off. for a minute but is it as you need to sort of bill it. is only a bullet to the left for most for some better call to. the local. for me so-so dislocate it's
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a song means. a little bit. worse was yet to come when one thousand million soldiers were captured in summarily executed in a rebel attack on the offices in bamako mutinied against a government they said was incapable of controlling the situation. the coup was led by one of africa's top pupils captain amadou sana book who was trained as an infantry and intelligence officer at the u.s. bases in virginia georgia texas and arizona. this was a guy the americans had trained and invested time and money and then he made things ten times worse and mali. and then more setbacks for africa. again other rebel forces invaded the major cities of northern mali they met little resistance
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in just two weeks the country was split in two. despite years of training and millions spent the west's greatest fear became a reality a so-called islamic state was established in northern mali. lives organised a pseudo jihadist i'm. up was in a while only live elu normally i go to. the trees on the way i did. lose. my reason to goodness you know. you never. get rid of it where.
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you have us are going to have the most if you fail you credit. to pick up the second but dungy i just i've also. going to be. aired and i ponder. the. novel say. for the new issue physical assault then the. g. idealists ponder. the community thaw. as the rebels move south france scame to the rescue into. forty eight hours and government deployed four thousand troops to. the americans remained in the background providing military intelligence and logistical support. your group could you post your vote mr grech and objective it's also been our friends at
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a dinner somewhere in a good old krystle's. protection of the force also economy can was a view of war. for left leicester betrayed on the whole. the rebel advance was tops and in just two weeks the french regain the north of the french army claimed to have killed hundreds of so-called terrorists the rest seemed to evaporate into the desert the former colonial power was now the savior of the country. but was operation survival all that it seemed to be. dull sick with well that's your normal person knows exactly. like. don't demolish or going
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to leave a problem if. corner or what remains of it today the town is key to understanding what really happened during operation survivor. it was a site of a decisive battle with the fighters of armed sardine who were surrounded here by french. a memorial in honor of the first french soldier killed during the clash was erected overlooking the only road in and out of town. but what has not been memorialized is the fact that on this same road a convoy of vehicles carrying hundreds of rebel fighters and their leader. managed to escape from right under the nose of the french. on the ground many witnesses of the conflict have questions.
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at that point. when of course he did it. and nothing else it will happen next it's just. as he said i'm starting to see not a comment on this topic but i don't say i was your kid it has helped nor does i do you don't want to distribute anybody's idea of the opioids like this jaunty soto's use say plug up the sound of a new or lawn the man you didn't i will sell sell while you're. going to the eleanor you know it if i see like a million i know dispose left really isn't that septic don't. ya. in the most from pretty clear for the incident i will see don't get a present of. let him or show me. in this shadow war what interests might the french have been going easy on the forces they were supposed to be fighting little said their father hardly recover yet i'm certain
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autonomy is a serial you normally get up or. by michael. before . i accept their produce feel. that there are false and have their life jamar a vast. exploit limine the hell it. left million of us do know only my leader works eight vocally commune the coup is going to double shuffle says just as you know. he'll menthol shoot the dial eat your dinner machismo you exploded your on your own it went through the life force you have alone to do got a deal on mars surely was was do it on your arm. next brought bible no more. don't tell about dialects but us your neighbor won't be she daughter never accessible since. far from the desert
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sands of the sahara the future of the region is being determined and france is not the only one with interests here. representatives of oil companies venture capitalists and african officials in charge of energy gathered in london the financial capital of europe the over the years. despite the chaos wars and revolutions the interests of europeans and americans remains high in what may be the largest on top the oil reserves on the continent the eldorado of the science the tao dany basin which extends to mauritania to algeria across north mali. listen this is a source resource but in the vast vast area probably bigger than the whole of texas or. to europe for instance so you can imagine very few wells in this vast area not enough to test the realities it would take
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a long time to put the space into full testing. despite a recent decline in the importers gas and african oil to the united states the interests of major u.s. energy companies in africa has not decreased the needs of asia and europe will not stop growing nearly two trillion dollars of investments in african oil and gas are expected in the next two decades. to school the. next year when it was hospital yeah no. they are no good all in sudan uganda saw. they tell you that freak vava. field is and they. don't disappear. in may two thousand and fourteen president obama announced that he would allocate an additional five billion dollars to the fight against global terrorism. but as we
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move to train and advise mission in afghanistan or reduce present. system or. emergent. earlier this year i asked my national security team to develop a plan for a network of partnerships from south asia. this strategy has been very persuasive an increasing number of african governments have signed on to the africa com program like initiated by the u.s. military brought together african forces composed of one thousand soldiers from seventeen countries for military exercises. footlockers and international action. this year we could really have it in different areas of of africa as a tremendous opportunity for all work together and more from one another. during
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two thousand and thirteen alone africa has organized ten exercises on the fin clock model fifty five other operations and four hundred safety seminars with forty nine african states. the united states has also established drone bases in djibouti share kenya ethiopia somalia south sudan. and this is shams. in september two thousand and fourteen the united states announced that they were sending four thousand troops to liberia as support during the bola crisis and to coordinate other unspecified military activities. not to be outdone france also announced plans to increase its military presence in the saya with a redeployment of three thousand troops. the
9:55 am
increasing militarization of africa is a new prophet said. covered by the military industrial complex with millions of dollars of contracts for arms manufacturers and private contractors. vote. in the stability don't ever feel. so they do so they do need a vigilante force. goes on the world are not a racial. division. for the lever it's on. the united nations has established a peacekeeping force of twelve thousand troops to help stabilize mali among them the chinese military as well as african troops trained by africa the arsenal of these peacekeepers include surveillance drones and apache attack helicopters.
9:56 am
more than one hundred thirty years after the berlin conference a new division of the african continent is underway as new powers seek to ensure oil supplies strategic minerals arab oil land and even the water under the desert sands so did. the regalia. this is. just a few somersaults just to see what. this so-called war against terror in this is more than it seems the battles waged here are part of a not just struggle for influence and control in a world of shrinking resources this battle the fight for the sponte is
9:57 am
a real and least war. hello there we've got quite an active weather system with us around to the caspian sea at the moment you can see it very clearly on the satellite picture this wooding mass here it's making its way through parts of tech minister as because down and into kazakstan as well bringing heavy downpours as it does say to the south of that though it is largely fine and dry the temperatures are raising as you'd expect at this time of year for beirut will be getting to around twenty eight or twenty nine degrees as we head through the next few days now but for the towards the south that's no major change for us here in doha it does look like the humidity will stay relatively low over the next few days thirty seven degrees on maximum temperature on wednesday and thursday maybe thirty six and dropping down to around twenty five or twenty six during the night as we head down towards a southern parts of africa
9:58 am
a lot of quiet weather here as well plenty of sunshine not a great deal in the way of wet weather atoll for cape town we're looking at around seventeen degrees as our maximum on wednesday not a major change even as we head through thursday the showers where they're largely a bit further north of course the central belt of africa and even these are just creeping a little bit further southwards now so we're still seeing quite a few of them around ethiopia stretching down towards uganda and kenya and then all the way across towards the west but in the northern parts for me it's fine and it's also rough settled. oh is it when they're on line we were in hurricane. almost like thirty six hours these are the things that has to address or if you join us on set. a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag stream and one of your pitches might make. join
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the conversation at this time on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the wound. sentiments when you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. in slave abuse. the plight of too many of these good after a lifetime of service a remarkable young woman breaks free. to lead the abolitionist movement of electrifying force. driven by her favorite recollections of subjugation. my memory is my power with this documentary this time on a jazzy it up as we embrace new technologies rarely do we stop to ask what is the price
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of this progress what happened was he was started getting sick but there was a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was related to the kind of exposure and investigation reveals how even the smallest devices deadly environmental and health we think ok will send our us to china but we have to remember that there felicia travel around the globe death by design at this time on al-jazeera. china is the most powerful leader in a generation sets out a long term vision for the country's future tackling corruption and climate change and consolidating his grip on power.


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